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Strategic Management II

So now, lets revisit our topic in strategic management. It is important to remember that strategy for firms require top management expertise and large amount of company resources. Strategic issues usually affect long term survivability, are future oriented and need a degree of awareness from external pressure. This type of strategic decision making need to … Continue reading

Saving And Staying Productive I

We all like to save, right? At least in theory! We all try to save what we can here and there, but we find it almost impossible to make it last. Something always comes up like doctor bills, braces, car wreck! It seems almost impossible. Not to mention, that when we put our finances in … Continue reading

Strategic Management I

My last blog, I spoke on ,”creativity” and “innovation.” This blog goes hand in hand with the previous blog and should give you some ideas on how to take your business, be it small or large, in a direction of importance. From time to time you will see me jump from topic to topic, but … Continue reading

Creativity and Innovation

I know we have all heard the terms “creativity,” and “Innovation,” before. But, what are the differences between the two? Often times the terms “creativity,” and “innovation,” are words used to demonstrate an idea or process. Although, creativity and innovation are sometimes used as the same meaning, they hold different values in innovative or “ingenious,” … Continue reading

Does It Feel like Recession In Here Or Is It Just me?

I know what your thinking! “Oh no, here we go with the Recession soapbox again!” What a way  to start out writing your new blog being the new author on the block. But, I see things in a matter of objectivity. In retrospect the recession is no doubt taking a toll on American jobs, small … Continue reading