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Does It Feel like Recession In Here Or Is It Just me?

I know what your thinking! “Oh no, here we go with the Recession soapbox again!” What a way  to start out writing your new blog being the new author on the block. But, I see things in a matter of objectivity. In retrospect the recession is no doubt taking a toll on American jobs, small business and large car manufactures just to add some name drops. In this writers opinion not even President Barrack Obama could save the City of Detroit. Seeing how the city somewhat resembles a scene from the movie “Robocop,”  why not campaign for and elect Peter Weller?

In the Roosevelt/Hoover days getting job satisfaction, let alone a job, was hard to come by. Christmas was a dull time filled with all the children’s favorite toys, the dirt clump and the fire ant. When things got hot they would simply ventilate. At least until the arrival of air conditioning! And thank Heavenly Father for giving man intuition and innovation for creating just that. This has to be one thing the government cannot take from us, right?

We witnessed Willis Haviland Carver (1902)  invent the first modern air conditioner before the Great Depression . The much improved and more technically dependable “Freon,” arrived on the scene in 1928. After the Second Great War the nation took the opportunity to grow and stimulate economy and applied the technological advancements in industrial practice, offices, hospitals and homes. Air conditioning promotes good health as seen in hospitals conducting surgery and birthing newborns. It kills germs and viruses, improves hospital functioning and even recovery time. Soon American economy stirred growth in all industries, to include the service industry, based on a capabilities of cool air. Air conditioners become lighter, more affordable and efficient in use as time passed, at least until our new recession emerged.

In 2006, the Department of Energy passed requirements of higher heat pump and air conditioning  efficiency of over 60% already existing units. These require that units be heavier and larger, also requiring expensive modifications of units in present housing. Then, four years later start phasing out Freon and replacing them with newer refrigerants which just so happens to be around the expiration of DuPont’s refrigerant patent. Not only do these new refrigerant require more complicated machinery to operate but the refrigerant is less efficient to boot.

If one could say anything it would be, that you always purify your water before you drink it. You wash your hands before you eat. We do not jump in front of cars, and then pin the bill on Joe America! At what point do we not see, that we do this to ourselves? One  leap for government intuition, and one giant step back for mankind. See you at tent city!

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